Why Disrupted?

Because we are nothing like our parents.


We are a generation of hackers, founders and creators.

We have redefined everything from our education to our careers, changing jobs as often as we change the cities we live in.

And we do relationships differently.

We meet later in life, we live together before marriage, and generally break all of the “rules”.

Redefining Wedding Traditions

Redefining Tradition

Weddings have been celebrated for centuries, and most wedding traditions have been hanging around since then. That's thousands of years.

How can we be so comfortable being rebellious with just about every other aspect of our lives, but when it comes to planning a wedding we are so worried about whether or not we are doing the right thing?

We are afraid of offending people, and afraid we may be breaking the "rules".


What if we forgot everything that we knew about weddings?

Thousands of years worth of ritual may seem like a lot to break, but if anyone can do it, we can.





Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 7.39.05 pm.png

This is a manifesto.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 7.39.32 pm.png

A f—k you to the wedding “rules” that have been placed upon us for decades.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 7.39.19 pm.png

A resource for the life-savvy bride; aimed to empower not overwhelm.

Wedding Planning Reimagined.png

Wedding planning isn't about checking off a bunch of To Do items.

It's about designing an experience that celebrates the essence of your relationship today—that one you're experiencing right now in 2018.

Instead of looking at an outdated list of items you're supposed to include in your wedding, let’s look at what you actually want to include.




The fact that you found your way here is proof of that.

  • I’m here to help you define exactly the kind of wedding you want;
  • Protect you from getting caught up in wedding craziness, and overspending on items you don’t want or need;
  • Help you to manage relationships and awkward conversations;
  • And empower you to plan an irresistible wedding, even if, especially if, it is nothing like what people expect.
Karen Anne Hopkins

let's get started.

Planning Tools

Wedding Un-Checklist

Wedding Un-Checklist

Have you noticed that the Wedding Checklist you downloaded from The Knot is full of c*@p?

Well, I say FOORRGET IT!

Newsflash: it's 2018 and it's your wedding, not your mother's.

Download our Wedding Un-Checklist and experience the joy of checking off the tasks you can skip—guilt free.

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Wedding Un-Invitation

How to Un-Invite Someone to Your Wedding

Feeling pressured to invite someone to your wedding that you’d rather not?

Keep putting off that awkward conversation with a friend who didn’t make the list?

I’ve created a script for your perfectly eloquent response—whatever the situation.

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