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Nobody should feel like they have to do anything they don’t want to for their wedding.


bride disrupted is your roadmap to planning a wedding with meaning that you, and your guests, will love—even if it looks nothing like any other wedding you have ever attended.


Your Wedding Needs a Purpose, Not a Plan


"Weddings are over ritualised—we have become emotionally attached to the format long after it accurately reflects the values or belief systems of the people participating in it.”

—Priya Parker, The Art of Gathering— 
How we Meet and Why it Matters 

The only opinion that matters when it comes to your wedding is your own

Karen Anne Hopkins of Bride Disrupted

Hey, I’m Karen

Inquisitor, storyteller, former wedding planner.
I like to question everything.

When I accidentally became a wedding planner 9 years ago, I started to question the way we celebrate them.