Karen Anne Hopkins of Bride Disrupted

In 2010 I was invited to be the event manager at a wedding venue in Vancouver, Canada. Even though I had only attended one wedding in my adult life I became a wedding authority from my very first day on the job . Not because I was an expert by any means, but because that is what our clients were looking for.

Admittedly, I was winging it for the first few months. When asked questions like “Which side of the aisle should the bride's family sit on?” I didn’t know the “correct” answer, so I would brush it off saying “Oh, that doesn’t really matter these days.”

Eventually I began working with couples directly. By that point I had both attended and coordinated a lot more weddings and had a better sense of how things were supposed to be done. But, after experiencing wedding after wedding there was something that didn’t quite feel right about the idea that there were things you were supposed to do.


Despite the uniqueness of each couple I worked with I rarely saw much divergence between events. Different flowers, menus, and different coloured bridesmaids dresses perhaps, but ultimately it felt as though everyone was ordering up their wedding from the same wedding playbook—afraid of breaking some kind of “wedding code”.  

After being asked questions like “Do we have to have a first dance”, or “Should we have a cake?” over and over, I began to realise that what these couples were actually seeking was permission. They wanted to know that they didn’t have to do anything they didn’t want to for their weddings, and that it was okay to drop the traditions that had zero meaning to them.

I am no longer a Wedding Planner but after years of professional experience and research, Bride Disrupted was born out of the desire to begin a conversation about the challenges and constraints couples feel when planning their weddings, and to guide them to having exactly the kind of wedding they want to have—not the one everyone else wants them to have.

Am I married?

No. But I have been involved with enough weddings to understand the many emotional intricacies and challenges that unfold throughout the process. Bride Disrupted is as much a process for determining how I would personally like to navigate that journey when the time comes.

What authority do I have to speak as an expert about your wedding?

Well, none really. But I have no less authority than any other wedding expert or website you visit on this journey.

The truth is, you are the only authority about what is right for your wedding. I’m just here to help you to see that.


Originally from Sydney, Australia today I live in Vancouver, Canada. I have struggled to follow the “rules” throughout my life, personally feeling more comfortable skipping over the things you are supposed to do. This is where I play, experiencing life beyond the boundaries with the aim of bringing back stories from the other side.

I acknowledge the privilege I have to feel comfortable playing in this space. Knowing I have a supportive family who will always put a roof over my head should my wild plans turn sideways is immensely empowering when deciding to give up a feeling of security to explore what else might be out there.

Karen Anne Hopkins of Bride Disrupted

I am an inflexible yogi (though keep showing up to my mat with hopes of one day touching my toes).

I am often caught laughing to myself on the street as I devour podcasts and audiobooks whilst pedalling my bike around the city.

I talk to my plants (don’t you?)

I crave freedom and travel, and love sailing. I am currently learning to skipper a sailboat!

I’m always up for a chat, you can contact me here.