Plan Your Wedding


If you want to plan a wedding that looks like the last five you went to then you should probably download a wedding planning checklist elsewhere.

If you think your relationship is more unique than some generic checklist that thousands of other people are working with, then you are in the right place.

You are unlike any other couple on this planet and your wedding should reflect that. With a generic checklist you will be convinced that your wedding needs to look a certain way, overwhelming you with a ridiculous amount of To Do items that make no sense to your vision.

With this Unchecklist you can design a wedding that celebrates the uniqueness of your relationship—one that your guests will rave about.

Like you, I get frustrated by the idea that "you simply must have" this or that at your wedding, it feels so cheap and salesy. I have helped hundreds of people plans their weddings and I can tell you that this Unchecklist will help you avoid all of that.

Instead, this will put you on the path to clarifying your vision and planning your wedding with ease.

Download now to begin.