Calling All Brides And Grooms Who Want To Have A Wedding With Meaning

Let Me Guess, You Want To

  • Have a wedding that feels authentic to you (you know, the one you actually want to have)

  • Do it without upsetting your parents or feeling guilty about excluding friends

  • And without spending 10X more than you wanted

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Oh yeah, and you want to get the hell out of generic wedding land 🙄


But Right Now You're Feeling

Karen Anne Hopkins of Bride Disrupted
  • Overwhelmed by the ridiculous amount of stuff you're expected to do (WTF!)

  • Unsure about whether you really HAVE to do it all

  • Afraid of upsetting your family if you don't include certain rituals (but, like, it's not 1980, Mom!)

  • Terrified you'll lose friends or upset people if you don't invite them

  • Exhausted at the idea of spending tens of thousands of dollars on an event that doesn't reflect who you are AT ALL


That's Because The Current Version Of Weddings Is Very One-Size-Fits-All

wedding planning book - wedding with intention

And I Honestly Think It's Bullshit

Especially given how unique you are.

When it comes to how we celebrate weddings today...

There seem to be unwritten “rules” declaring that there’s a certain way they should be done.

  • The first dance

  • The cake-cutting

  • The bouquet toss

And it feels like if you don’t follow this exact blueprint, then it means you’re doing it wrong… Right?

Well, there are so many reasons you’re wired to think that way.

And I’m about to show you why it’s time it changed, like, yesterday.


Feeling overwhelmed about trying to please everyone with your wedding plans?

this book is for you!



wedding planning book - wedding with intention.jpg

Your wedding is an opportunity to celebrate your relationship in a way that’s meaningful to you.

But sometimes it can feel more like a test for how good you are at:

  • Pulling together a fabulously-styled event

  • Navigating your way through a bunch of awkward conversations and

  • Negotiating family politics

That’s why I wrote this book.

This book is not about being unconventional for the sake of it.

It’s about taking the time to decide what’s important to you and choosing your own path...

Because there are no rules for what your wedding has to be,

And you can plan the wedding you really want to have...

Even if it looks nothing like any other wedding you’ve been to before.


Want to feel in control when it comes to your wedding?

This book is for you!


As Seen On


These Couples Are Doing it THEIR Way!


"I feel free in sense - that I don't have to follow the traditions of a "normal" wedding."

"We had no idea where to start with our wedding plans and this book was just what we needed! Looking forward to putting these tips into practice!" — Joanna


"If you're getting married, you need this book so you don't end up spending $35,000 on a wedding you hate."

"Karen really breaks down how to create a wedding that is authentic and meaningful to you and your partner, whether that's a totally off beat wedding or a typical wedding bash. Loved it!" — Tracey


“So refreshing and about time!"

"Karen has done a fabulous job of blowing the top off all the wedding madness and providing an incredibly authentic and personal experience, focused on YOU TWO!” — Josie


  • My Exposé on the Real Truth Behind Wedding Traditions so you can free yourself from feeling like you have to do certain things

  • Real-Talk Moments and Straight-up Advice because the last thing you need is somebody else telling you what you’re supposed to do

  • Interactive Worksheets to help you get clear on what you actually care about

  • Step-by-Step Instructions for How to Pull Together your Entire Celebration

  • A Framework for How to Create a Unique Wedding Ceremony — no same-old ceremony template for you, yours will be memorable AF

  • A Guide to Creating the Perfect Gulit-Free Guest List

  • Pre-written scripts for how to handle awkward conversations because wedding planning brings up all the icky stuff!

  • Questions to ask your vendors

  • Room for making checklists and taking notes — it’s a journal and workbook for all your ideas, take it with you everywhere!

Wedding with Intention will help you to uncover the purpose behind why you’re even having a wedding at all, then, guide you through the process of designing a wedding celebration around what’s actually important to your relationship.


Feeling jaded by the pressure to have the “perfect wedding” and spend a small fortune in the process?




"It’s the ultimate wedding guide!"

"This book covers everything — from why you're even having a wedding in the first place to the nitty gritty logistics involved in planning an event. It's packed with logistical information and personal tips written in a fun loving, light hearted way. I'll be gifting this book to all my engaged pals for years to come!" — Emily


"It’s the perfect relationship, life, and wedding coach all rolled into one!"

"We had a long engagement, lost our first venue five months before our wedding date, and ended up postponing for two years! Thank god we found Karen and Wedding with Intention. We discovered a lot about ourselves along the way, and planned the best wedding EVER!" — Katie


"The MARRIAGE itself is really the most important thing — this book helped to remind us of that."

"When you get engaged and start planning a wedding your next thoughts tend to go towards whether you want to start a family and when!! It’s so easy to be excited for the wedding and the ceremony and the party that the idea of being married to this one person forever gets kind of lost. This book brought us back to reality" — Carolyn



Order Wedding with Intention TODAY and get access to these exclusive bonuses!

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Bonus #1: Get FREE Access to the Digital & Audio Versions!

Have a wedding coach + planner in your living room!

  • I'll be right there with you — facilitating meaningful conversations and guiding you every step of the way.

  • Listen to the book and work through it together with your partner, with a wedding pro who’s got your back. (Yes! We can totally drink wine!)

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Bonus #2: Join a Live Webinar with Industry Experts!

Your wedding photos are pretty important, right?

  • We're taling Wedding Photo Essentials — so you can avoid disappointment and get the wedding photos you really want!

  • You can attend the online event live in early November or watch the replay.


Bonus #3: Unwrap Your Wedding With Intention Digital Gift Pack

Get my Money Saving Masterclass and Budget Spreadsheet Template

  • Super-handy resources to have access to as you work through the book with money on your mind.


Bonus #4: Join Our Private Community of Bride Disrupted Insiders!

Join a like-minded community of brides and grooms

  • Share experiences, tips, stories, and get access to my expertise in a safe, supportive space.


Want support from wedding professionals and a like-minded community of wedding change-makers?


Imagine, you glide into your wedding...

  • Feeling completely calm and excited, not overwhelmed by all of the last minute tasks you still need to complete

  • You’re doing exactly what makes you feel like you, instead of trying to be someone you’re not

  • You’re surrounded by all of your most favourite people and feel completely loved and supported

  • There’s no awkward energy because you were able to handle all of the difficult convos with ease

  • And, you're completely in love and inspired about entering your marriage because you took the time to figure out what’s really important to you and made the commitment to approach your Wedding With Intention

That's what you'll get with this book.

wedding planning book - wedding with intention.jpg


After spending five years as a wedding planner I started to question the way we celebrate them.

I researched the origins of “proper” wedding etiquette, and you know what I found out? Most of it was made up!

I thought, “WTF? This has got to change!

Now I’m on a quest to dismantle the societal pressures that go hand-in-hand with attempting to plan a wedding in today’s heavily filtered world.

My mission? To spread the word that the only opinion that matters when it comes to your wedding is your own.


think it’s about freaking time that weddings got a re-boot?

Karen Anne Hopkins of Bride Disrupted

The average cost of today's wedding is $33,000. Do you want to spend that on a wedding that wasn't at all what you wanted?

The wedding industry is going try to convince you that you need to spend a small fortune in order to have your perfect wedding.

That's just not fucking true.

Order Wedding With Intention today and join the growing list of couples who demanded a better way to celebrate their epic love story.







Can I buy the hardcover book on its own?

You could, however the price for the Hardcover book-only would remain the same.

The book is priced based on it’s cost to print (it’s seriously huge and top notch quality — only the best!).

I added the audio and digital versions for free, plus the extra bonuses to give you as much value as possible.


Can I buy the book on Amazon, Kindle or Audible?

Not right now. However, the ebook and audiobook versions are available via our custom learning platform.

Once purchased, you’ll be emailed access to the platform right away.

You can upload the ebook file to read on your tablet, smartphone or e-reader.

The audio can be listened to on any device connected to WiFi — I’m thinking in the car during the drive to your romantic weekend getaway where you plan filling in the book’s worksheets… Sound nice?


Why did you self-publish the book?

Earlier this year I met who bride who said she needed the book ASAP. So I made it my business to get it in her hands ASAP!


Can I buy the hardcover book on its own?

You could, however the price for the Hardcover book-only would remain the same.

The book is priced based on it’s cost to print (it’s seriously huge and top notch quality — only the best!).

I added the audio and digital versions for free, plus the extra bonuses to give you as much value as possible.



Who prints your books?

We work with Lulu, the only B-Corp certified print-on-demand book publisher.

Print-on-demand means your books is printed especially for you, so there's no waste!

And, it's printed at the facility closest to your door meaning lower shipping costs for you and lower CO2 emissions to support Mother Earth.

Lulu was founded by a Canadian entrepreneur with the mission of helping other entrepreneurs to publish their books easily. It sure feels good to support a business who keeps the environment top of mind and one that supports other entrepreneurs!

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