Do you ever feel like you aren't allowed to have the wedding you really want to have?

That if you planned the exact kind of wedding you envision people would be upset or maybe even talk behind your back?

You want your wedding to be unique and representative of your relationship, but there's a lot of expectation that your wedding should look a certain way, that it should look just like every other wedding you've ever been to.

How can your wedding be truly meaningful to you when you're busy fulfilling everyone else's desires? How do you have the wedding you really want without upsetting anyone?

Nobody should feel like they have to do anything they don't want to for their wedding.

I've helped countless couples navigate their way through awkward conversations about their wedding plans, and now I've put those skills into this free video workshop for you.

Hit play to watch the video and complete the exercise, then plan your wedding your way whilst skilfully navigating the opinions of your parents and friends, and the influence of social media.

Don't let the influence of others make you feel like you have no control over your wedding decisions.

Once you complete this course you will confidently plan the wedding you really want to have, even if, ok especially if, it looks nothing like any other wedding you've ever been to.

Hit play now.