Have Your Cake

Sometimes it can feel like saying the word “wedding” is an invitation to have your wallet gauged. Amirite?

 Well, not on our watch!

OK it’s true, weddings can get expensive if you let them get out of hand. In this webinar style course we share a whole slew of Money Saving Secrets for you—the financially savvy lady boss.

Because hey, it’s not like you just stop having to buy groceries and pay your rent or mortgage because you have a sweet party to plan. And anyways we know you’ve got other priorities for your cash—like an epic trip to somewhere you’ve never explored before (jealous, send us pics!)

If your twenty bucks doesn’t pay for itself in money saved, we’ll even refund your money.

So yeah, you can have your cake and eat it too.

After purchasing you’ll be emailed a link to access this video course.