Shit’s Getting Cray

Who knew that planning a wedding was going to open the lid on Pandora’s Box of crazy;

The Parents are taking this way too seriously.

You realise you’re categorising your friends from most to least important—from crowning your Maid of Honour to culling your guestlist—and feels kinda icky (not to mention A-W-K-W-A-R-D).

What, you mean you’ve never planned an event for 127 guests before? But it’s SOOOOO SIMPLE. Like, hardly any decisions to make.

Yeah. Wedding planning can get hectic and even bring up a bunch of emotional stuff that isn’t wedding related at all.

In these one on one coaching sessions we’ll tackle your biggest challenges together; whether that’s managing relationships (with your mother, in-laws, estranged relatives, overly enthusiastic co-workers), balancing your growing wish list with your practical budget, or squishing the Super-Procrastinator habits that are preventing you from getting shit done.

If you’re unsure whether one on one coaching is for you, book a free 30-minute call to begin. If you already know the power of coaching and want to opt for the package this includes 3 sessions: 1x90 minute session, and 2x60 minute follow-up sessions.

All coaching sessions are conducted over Skype. After purchasing you’ll be given access to my calendar to book a time that suits you.