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Wedding Budget Spreadsheet

Spreadsheets are fun! Ok fine, maybe they’re not exactly fun, but having your wedding budget in check can feel like a big relief.


1x Excel Spreadsheet Template


Money Saving Secrets Webinar

You don't have to sacrifice pedicures for the next five years just to have an awesome wedding. Learn the wedding planning secrets that could save you some serious cash.


1x 1-hour Webinar style video course

1x Excel Spreadsheet Template

One on One Wedding Coaching

Oh Em Gee! Turns out the people in your life have A LOT of opinions about what your wedding should look like, and navigating some of those relationships can be complicated. Let’s talk about it.

Choose from:

1x 30 minute Session (pssst it’s free!)

1x 90 minute session

Coaching Bundle: 1x 90-minute session, 2x 60 minute sessions

Free Wedding Planning Tools

The most important wedding planning tool is a strong No muscle

If you're feeling influenced by other people's opinions (or just getting tired of hearing them!) then you want to take this free class. 

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Wedding Un-Checklist

Wedding Un-Checklist

Have you noticed that the Wedding Checklist you downloaded from The Knot is full of c*@p?

Well, I say FOORRGET IT!

Newsflash: it's 2019 and it's your wedding, not your mother's.

Download our Wedding Un-Checklist and experience the joy of checking off the tasks you can skip—guilt free.

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Wedding Un-Invitation

How to Un-Invite Someone to Your Wedding

Feeling pressured to invite someone to your wedding that you’d rather not?

Keep putting off that awkward conversation with a friend who didn’t make the list?

I’ve created a script for your perfectly eloquent response—whatever the situation.                                     

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